Melissa’s blog post for week four

The most important part of Tuesday’s reading I think was from the last reading, “Evaluating Web Sites.” The line that states that most web sites are created by those who aren’t experts (Evaluating Web Sites) is probably the most important as it leads right into the first bullet point: Authority and Accuracy. The first bullet discusses the author’s “qualifications or expertise(Evaluating Web Sites) to conclude the authenticity of the information presented. Therefore, I think it’s a good tip to figure out if the website was created by once you knows about the facts they’re discussing.

The line also acknowledges whom most website are created by, making it more important to determine not only the reliability of the author but the sites purpose in relation to its content. Therefore the line helps to demonstrate the importance of appraising websites.  I also found the line interesting as it leads to the line of thinking that you can’t trust everything on the web. Overall, the line seems to demonstrate that how careful you have to be when you’re thinking of using a website for a source, as it could not be one usable to cite for a paper or project even if it looks to be.

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