Melissa’s Homework for week 3

The Newspaper aritcle from Proquest is an article of when the 18th amendment hit in full and what it now (back then) prohibited regarding alcohol.

The article:

The archive from archive finder that I found was American Council on Alcohol Problems (1916-1969). It appears to have  information on Prohibition and therefore might be quite useful. However it is at the University of Michighan.

The arcive: ./session/1347855378_19804&activeMultiResults=collections

The Image from flicker commons is of “Temperance parade: Eustis, Florida”.

The image:

I choose the article because it discusses what would happen once midnight came about regarding alcohol once Prohibition started. The archive due to its content and the image because it showed a group who fought for Prohibition and whose support allowed it to breifly become an amendment. I think each would be of some use to my research project.

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