Felton reports

I first looked at the 2005 Felton report. The information is gave was varied but odd and interesting, so that I had to look at the about section of the website to figure out what was going on. The data was interesting,  particuarly the the 2005 in Photos (Felton) section of the 2005 report. It appears to show how many photographs per country and what subjects (Felton). I was surprised to see that “other” (Felton) had the highest percentage of photographs. The data I think would be useful if one was looking up the yearly data that was mentioned in the report.

I also looked at the latest annual report, the one for 2010. It seemed to be alot different from the 2005 annual report,  with most of its information being from multiple years, unlike the 2005 report which appeared to be of just that indivdual year. A section that surprised me was  one on postcards. They seem to go from the mid 40’s to the mid 2000’s and also seem to be more from abroad in later years (Felton).  It was an interesting piece of information.

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