The video on scratch made it quite interesting. What was most interesting was how it showed what could be done with the program. One could make the characters move, talk (whether it be by sound or text), and see what others have created (ScratchEd). The PDF was also helpful after I downloaded Scratch as it tells you how to use the tools (Getting Started with Scratch version 1.4).

Although after downloading Scratch I played around with it, but had a difficult time. I tried to change the cat’s color but when I accidentally did the background color as well and lost the cat’s body. When I attempted to change the background back to its original color the cat’s body was gone, so I canceled it and didn’t attempt to change the color again. I also played around with the motion of the character. Ultimately, I find Scratch interesting but probably wouldn’t use it outside of this class as it already is a bit frustrating to me. However that’s most likely because I’m still learning to use it.

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