Password length

I think the most interesting part from Tuesday’s reading was the hitting the wall section from Why Passwords Have Never Weaker and—Crackers Have Never Been Stronger. I was unaware that the longer a password, the harder it is to break (Goodin). It is also mentioned that a 5-character password takes a few hours to break, but adding another character adds a day to the process, and 2 adds ten (Goodin). From this information, it makes sense why some organizations/companies ask you to do at least a 6-character password.

I also think that the chart helped to explain this. The chart helps one to visualize the length of a password and why it is important. A shorter password would be easier to break than a longer one. I agree with the advice given that nine characters should be the lowest number, although I wonder if I would follow through the next time I had to create a password (Goodin).

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