Prohibition in the United States on Wikipedia: Evaluating Wikipedia Homework:

From looking at the notes, references, further reading, and external links at the bottom of the Wikipedia article they appear to be okay, whereas some websites look questionable. The books and articles appear to be better source material.

There is only one “talk” line from July 13, 2012 discussing how the affects of alcohol on the liver decreased during this time, surprising doctors (Student7). It’s an interesting tidbit.

From the history, the page has changed quite a bit since the earliest date I could see: September 4, 2006. It has only two topics with three subtopics before while there are now currently three topics with nine subtopics–all before further reading/see also. Even some pictures have changed. Therefore, the information in the article has grown quite a lot since its begining, giving much more information on the topic via wikipedia then previously.

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