data preservation

The most interesting part from Roy Rosenzweig’s Scarcity or Abundance? Perserving the Past in the Digital Era is when he discusses the fragility of digital data. The case regarding the U.S. government records, where Rosenzweig discusses that, “governmental employees profess confusion over whether they should be preserving electronic files” (Rosenzweig). Due to this confusion, information that may hay help an historian could be lost. Also, he mentioned that, “books, journals, and film–that are increasingly being born digitally” (Rosenzweig) inidcates just how much more digital the world has become. The problem is the guarentee of whether such information on the web will be available later for historians as stuff can be taken down or edited.

The Internet Archive and the Wayback machine Rosenzweig mentions digital archives. Even though these two are perserving digital data, they also have limitations. Also the Wayback machine can demostrate how a site has changed over times, which could indicate that information could be lost when websites change over time.

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